In the solid state research, technological and experimental procedures for fabrication and analysis of micro- and nanostructures for cryoelectronics and sensorics, as well as preparation and study of new dielectric, semiconducting, superconducting and composite materials have been developed.

Division of Laboratory of advanced technology

Academic Staff:

 prof. RNDr. Peter Kúš, DrSc.

prof. RNDr. Andrej Plecenik, DrSc. 

Research Staff:

Ing. Pavol Ďurina, PhD

RNDr. Branislav Grančič, PhD.

doc. Ing. Maroš Gregor, PhD.

Ing. Marián Mikula, PhD.

doc. RNDr. Martin Moško, CSc. 

doc. RNDr. Tomáš Plecenik, PhD.

doc. RNDr. Dr. Tomáš Roch

Mgr. Leonid Satrapinskyý, PhD.

Departmental Non-Academic Staff:

Milan Kubinec 

Jozef Šrámek 

Peter Štrauch

Graduate Students:

Mgr. Mária Dvoranová

Mgr. Marek Pleva

Mgr. Stela Uzon

Mgr. Marek Vidiš

Mgr. Serhii Volkov