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Fermionic scenario for the destruction of superconductivity in ultrathin MoC films evidenced by STM measurements
P. Szabó, T. Samuely, V. Hašková, J. Kačmarčík, M. Žemlička, M. Grajcar, J. G. Rodrigo, and P. Samuely
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Finite quasiparticle lifetime in disordered superconductors
M. Žemlička, P. Neilinger, M. Trgala, M. Rehák, D. Manca, M. Grajcar, P. Szabó, P. Samuely, Š. Gaži, U. Hübner, V. M. Vinokur, and E. Il'ichev
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A Microwave Splitter for Superconducting Quantum Circuits
P. Neilinger, G. Oelsner, M. Grajcar, B. I. Ivanov, I. L. Novikov and E. V. Il’ichev
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Two-photon lasing by a superconducting qubit
P. Neilinger, M. Rehák, M. Grajcar, G. Oelsner, U. Hübner and E. Il’ichev
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Simulating long-distance entanglement in quantum spin chains by superconducting flux qubits
S. Zippilli, M. Grajcar, E. Il'ichev, and F. Illuminati
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Superconducting MoC thin films with enhanced sheet resistance
M. Trgala, M. Žemlička, P. Neilinger, M. Rehák, M. Leporis, Š. Gaži, J. Greguš, T. Plecenik, T. Roch, E. Dobročka, M. Grajcar
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Superconducting properties of magnesium diboride thin film measured by using coplanar waveguide resonator
M. Žemlička, P. Neilinger, M. Trgala, M. Gregor, T. Plecenik, P. Ďurina, M. Grajcar
Applied Surface Science 312, 2014, p. 231-234 (2014)

Superconductivity near transition to insulating state in MoC ultrathin films studied by subkelvin STM
P. Szabó, P. Neilinger, M. Trgala, M. Grajcar, P. Samuely
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How to test the “quantumness” of a quantum computer?
A. M. Zagoskin, E. Il'ichev, M. Grajcar, J. J. Betouras and F. Nori
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Amplification and attenuation of a probe signal by doubly dressed states
S. N. Shevchenko, G. Oelsner, Ya. S. Greenberg, P. Macha, D. S. Karpov, M. Grajcar, U. Hübner, A. N. Omelyanchouk, and E. Il'ichev
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Parametric amplification by coupled flux qubits
M. Rehák, P. Neilinger, M. Grajcar, G. Oelsner, U. Hübner, E. Il'ichev, and H.-G. Meyer
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Dressed-State Amplification by a Single Superconducting Qubit
G. Oelsner, P. Macha, O. V. Astafiev, E. Il’ichev, M. Grajcar, U. Hübner, B. I. Ivanov, P. Neilinger, and H.-G. Meyer
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Cryogenic low noise 2.2–3 GHz amplifier
P. Neilinger, M. Trgala, M. Grajcar
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Cryogenic ultra-low-noise SiGe transistor amplifier
B. I. Ivanov, M. Trgala, M. Grajcar, E. Il'ichev and H.-G. Meyer
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