Laboratory of plasma applications in agriculture


Plasma source:

Plasma reactor based on DCSBD modified for treatment of plant seeds generating low temperature plasma in ambient air (N2, CO2, O2) at atmospheric pressure


The main aim of research 







Diagnostics of plasma influence on biological material


 Kukurica  Kuk1  Kuk2

Fig. 1 Plasma treatment of maize in ambient air using DCSBD

Fig. 2 Germination and seedlings characteristics of untreated and plasma treated maize seeds




F.nivale2 F.nivale3



Fig. 3 Inactivation of Fusarium nivale on wheat (control, 30s and 60 s plasma treated sample after 3 days)


Fig. 4. Morphology characterization of untreated and plasma treated black peppercorn

Fig. 5. Biomass production of plants from untreated and treated seeds


Collaboration with:



Doc. RNDr. Anna Zahoranová, PhD.
Email: zahoranova(at)
Phone Nr: +421 2 602 95 529


RNDr. Veronika Medvecká, PhD.
Email: veronika.medvecka(at)
Phone Nr: +421 2 602 95 677