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Wednesday, 24 January 2018
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Laboratory of Hot Wall Epitaxy PDF Print E-mail

Laboratory of  Hot Wall Epitaxy.

Personal: RNDr. Ján Greguš, PhD., Doc. RNDr. Michal Maheľ, CSc., M. Kubinec

Projects: Preparation of High Quality GaMnN Thin Layers for Spintronics (APVV)

Collaborations: SAS, ILC, STU, SHIZUOKA UNIVERSITY, etc.

Equipment: Simple Hot Wall Epitaxy (HWE) equipment for epitaxial growth of GaN and related compounds. Oriented for GaMnN growth by using high purity metalorganics MCp2Mn SSG (from bubbler).

See some details of construction…
         Sample holder(without shields):                                  Effusion cell (without shields):


Typical surface of hexagonal GaN growth on sapphire
(with AlN buffer):
From  XRD we can observe signal from sapphire
                                                                                           substrate  and  contribution from GaN (0002) and thin AlN on the top.

  under construction…                          

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Solid State Physics PDF Print E-mail

In the solid state research, technological and experimental procedures for fabrication and analysis of micro- and nanostructures for cryoelectronics and sensorics, as well as preparation and study of new dielectric, semiconducting, superconducting and composite materials have been developed. Mesoscopic quantum and tunnel phenomena applicable in quantum computers and single particle detectors are studied both experimentally and theoretically. Strongly correlated electron systems and nonconventional superconductivity are being focused on in theoretical approaches. Another branch of research in condensed matter physics is represented by computer simulations. Here the main focus is on study of pressured-induced phase transformations in crystals using the original metadynamics-based approach. This research is relevant for crystal structure prediction and high-pressure physics and results are important in geophysics and materials science.

Plasma Physics PDF Print E-mail
In the field of plasma physics, the research is aimed at properties of electric discharges (corona, barrier, rf), elementary, transport and chemical processes therein, as well as their interaction with various material surfaces. Method of electron and molecule (biomolecule, too) beam crossing is used to study experimentally the ionization cross-section and negative ion creation. Reactions of excited particles are studied by means of optical and laser spectroscopy (CRDS).
Radiophysics PDF Print E-mail
In the field of electronics, the activities are focused to applications of analog and digital electronics in measurement of physical quantities, experiment control, experimental data processing. The basic research is oriented to investigation of electronic properties of solid electrolytes, mainly the oxide systems. The applied research, including industrial applications, is aimed at physical mechanisms and technical applications of the magnetomechanical effect, mainly the contactless measurement of mechanical stress and fatigue in steel components.
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