Research and Projects

Quantum phenomena in macroscopic systems

Jospehson junctions (JJ) are nonlinear elements of superconducting electronic systems. This nonlinearity can be utilized as a building block of various systems interesting for fundamental research with a variety of application as quantum information processing, single-photon source and detector or parametric amplifiers.

Recently, we focus on a development of broad band paramagnetic amplifies utilizing meta-materials based ether on array of JJ or transmission line of strongly disordered superconducting thin films.

Strongly disordered superconductors

Disordered superconductors are a subject of intense current attention. This interest is motivated not only by the appeal of dealing with the most fundamental issues of condensed matter physics involving the mechanism of superconducting insulator transition (SIT) , but also by the high promise for applications for photon detection, parametric amplification a superconducting flux qubit employing quantum phase slips.

Superconductor – insulator transition can be tuned by decreasing the superconducting film thickness down to several atomic layers. In our research we focus on the study of the optical conductivity of ultra-thin Molybdenum carbide films by several methods.


An emerging field of nano-magnetism is spintronics, where magnetic nanodevices find applications in as magnetic sensors or memories.