Laboratory of moderate and high pressure discharges

Moderate and high pressure discharges

Characterization of microdischarges from low to high pressure at difference excitation frequency.

In this project we are focusing on the influence of the strong electric field and high driving frequencies on the properties of microdischarges generated in different gases. Microdischarges generated in this condition have several unique properties due to electric  field reaching more than 108 V.m   high enough for field emission effect and excitation  frequencies up to several MHz.

 Fig. 1. Schematic of vacuum chamber for study of microdischarges and close look up on the electrodes inside chamber  without and with argon microdischarge  (p=20mbar) 


Plasma medicine -Biomedical application of atmospheric pressure plasma jets

Aim of the plasma medicine is to introduce physical plasma into clinical practice. Plasma as a biomedical tool can be used for decontamination and sterilization, modification of biomedical surfaces but also  direct therapeutic plasma application (cancer treatment, wound healing etc)

Our field of interest in plasma medicine is to study influence of plasma ions on the DNA of different type of cells. ( stems cells, cancer cells, health cells.).

To characterized expression of gens DNA microarrays technique is used.  This technique  measure the expression levels of large numbers of genes simultaneously or to genotype multiple regions of a genome. 

This project is with collaboration with Natural science faculty of UK , Department of Molecular Biology. 


Fig. 2. Plasma jets generate in Nitrogen , Air and Argon.



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