Glow discharge optical emission spectroscopy

LECO SA-2000 glow discharge optical emission spectrometer with DC power supply provides rapid bulk and depth profile analysis (up to 100 µm) of conductive samples.

Principle of operation: Atoms are removed from the sample by glow discharge in Grimm-type lamp and exited in the plasma. The characteristic spectrum of the produced light is analysed by 400 mm focal length Paschen-Runge polychromator with holographic grating (spectral range from 149 to 450 nm).

Requirements on the samples:

·         maximal size ~ 100 mm x 100 mm, maximal thickness ~ 35 mm

·         usually the samples need to have smooth surface with minimal diameter of 12 mm (by means of mounting press PR-25 also smaller samples with diameter >4 mm can be analysed)

·         Conductivity



Fig. 1 LECO SA-2000

Fig. 2 Grimm-type lamp


Fig. 5 Depth profile analysis of titanium nitride a) and titanium boride b) coatings deposited on steel substrate.