Department of Experimental Physics

Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics

Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia

prof. RNDr. Štefan Matejčík, DrSc.
Head of Department

doc. RNDr. František Kundracik, PhD.
Deputy Head for Education and Director for Information Technologies

prof. Ing. Roman Martoňák, DrSc.
Deputy Head for Research

doc. RNDr. Anna Zahoranová, PhD.
Director for Administration
Research at the Department of experimental physics covers wide range of problems in modern physics in both fundamental and applied research in the fields of plasma physics, solid state physics, optics, lasers and optical spectroscopy, renewable energy sources and environmental physics.

Scientific groups:

          Condensed Matter Physics

          Atomic, Molecular and Plasma Physics

          Optics and Lasers

 No amount of experimentation can ever prove me right;
a single experiment can prove me wrong.

                                                                           – A. Einstein –